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About Us

Cache Road Discount Liquor and Wine is owned by JP Richard and is one of the biggest liquor stores in Oklahoma. We really pride ourselves on trying to have lowest prices, best service, and widest selection in the area. We have a great staff of employees that is always willing to help; we're also a bunch of sarcastic, still 14-year-old kids that tend to have fun at work and try to make your shopping that much more fun. As we say, the booze costs money but the show is free (which is good because we probably wouldn't get paid for most of our attempts at humor). The most recent expansion of Cache Road Discount Liquor and Wines was completed in May of 1998. The 12,500 sq. feet of floor space makes Cache Road Liquor and Wines the largest liquor store between OKC and Dallas. The business has steadily grown since 1959. J.P. Richard and Bill Doolin purchased the business in 1974 and Doolin stayed on as an equal partner till 1980. In 1978 they expanded the original building to 5,000 sq. feet and in 1985 J.P. enlarged it to 8,000. The most noticeable change, and what a lot of people still call us by, came in 1987 when J.P. built the Tunnel next door to the liquor store.

The Tunnel, a convenience store drive-thru, was closed in October of 1995. The store was remodeled and expanded, adding the Trophy Room. The expansion was completed in May of '98. The Trophy Room gives the store the space for tastings and other wine, liquor, and beer activities. The room is also available for rental on a limited basis and is really the only such room in the area. Although the store's history only goes back to '59, the unofficial history dates back to Oklahoma's dry years. The building used to be a tourist court, a gas station, and a diner. It also happened to be the neighborhood bootlegging operation that ran from Prohibition till '59 (we were always destined to sell liquor here.) Today, here at the store, we stock every liquor and cordial offered by Oklahoma Wholesalers, literally every beer available in the state, and over 4,000 wine items from all over the world, some of which you literally cannot get anywhere else, as well as a temperature controlled room where we let some wines age. We have monthly specials, weekly deals, and year round low prices. The store used to be just J.P. but now there are eight of us. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions even if they seem silly or unrelated (we have people call us during football season to ask what time games start!) We try to truly be a people-oriented business that seeks to provide a service, not just sell the product. We have a newsletter and of course our website and we do our best to keep up with new items and our customer's needs. Email us or come by and see us if you have any questions and thanks for making us the best in Southwest Oklahoma!

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